(Unofficial) C.A.S.L. Rules for Determining Team Standings

Points determine rankings

Points determines the ranking order for teams.

Team with the most points gets first place. Next most points earns second. Etc.



The PCT is the winning percentage. That value is divided by 10 and awarded as points. For example, if the team wins 5 and losses 5, the PCT is .5 so .05 points are awarded. This is used to separate teams that might otherwise be tied but have different PCT. For example, a team with 5 win and 5 losses does better than a team with 5 wins and 7 losses. This could be important throughout the season but usually by the end all teams will have played the same number of games. The PCT also considers ties.

PCT/10 = [wins + (ties/3)] / [wins + losses + ties] / 10

PCT/10 adjustment

For teams without wins or ties (.000 average), replace the PCT/10 formula with the same formula changed a little bit. Except in rare cases, the change affects only the rankings of teams that have not won or tied a game (.000 average) so that those that have lost more games rank lower (eg, 0W 2L 0T will rank better than 0W 5L 0T). The lowest ranking still belongs to any team that has not played a game (.000 0W 0L 0T).

Adjustment for teams with just losses:

PCT/10 = [.1 + wins + (ties/3)] / [wins + losses + ties] / 10

PCT/10 = .01 / losses

Tiebreaker Bonus

If two or more teams each have the same number of points before the tie-breaker bonus, their tie is broken by awarding either 0.5, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, or 0.1 bonus based on the following three steps:

  1. Compare Tied Points (do a round)

    Tied Points are a different point system used only for breaking ties.

    Start a new round.

    The teams included in this round, Group Teams, are the tied teams that have not won an earlier round.

    Tied Points are calculated for each Group Team:

    • +3 points for wins against Group Teams
    • +1 point for ties against Group Teams
    • +.001 point for each run scored against Group Teams (and 50 extra runs)
    • -.001 point for each run given up against Group Teams
    • +.000001 point for each run scored against all teams (and 100 extra runs)
    • -.000001 point for each run given up against all teams

    The Group Team with the most points wins the round. That team will not participate in any future rounds.

  2. Repeat with Remaining Teams (do more rounds)
    Only one team should have won step I this round. [If more than one team gets the same number of points in the current round, CASL will determine the rankings.] If there are remaining tied teams that have not won a round, go back to step I to start another round.
  3. Award Tiebreaker Bonus Points
    The team winning a round gets extra points:
    Round Won   Bonus Point Awarded

    For example, the team removed (winning) in round one gets 0.005 extra point. The team who won from the remaining smaller group in round two gets 0.004 extra point. If there was a round three, the winner of it gets 0.003. Next round's winner would get 0.002. And if five teams were tied originally, the last remaining gets 0.001 extra point for winning in round five. [A tie with 6 or more teams is done by C.A.S.L.]


#TeamWLTPointsWin-TiePCTTie Bonus

The table on the right maintains the rankings and points for a simple 5 team season with 2 rounds Round Robin set up.

Pick any game below and decide the final score. The table will be updated immediately.

[Any ties shown on the table would be broken by CASL.]

Week 1
2 Vs 1
3 Vs 5 ()
Off: 4
Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10

here put all sentences to go into rules and have each be captured in above.

Summary of Rules (simplified)

A higher ranking comes from more points.

A win gives 3 points

A tie gives 1 point

Team average divided by 10 (between 0.0000 and 0.1000) gives a fraction of a point

Any ties that exist are now broken as follows.

A tie breaker bonus gives between .001 and .005 of a point (but 0 pts for teams without games played). For example, if 2 teams were tied after the prior steps, then one should get .005 and the other .004 from the tie-breaker round (see below) so that they no longer remain tied. For each tied team, a round is done to pick out the next best team. For example, if there were 4 teams tied, four rounds will then lead to awarding .005, .004, .003, and .002 to break all the ties.

When a tied team wins a round, it does not participate in any further rounds, so every team will win a round. First round winner gets .005 point; second round winner gets .004; third gets .003, fourth gets .002, and fifth round gets .001. If 6 or more teams are tied, CASL will break the tie.

A tied team wins a round if it has not won a round already AND it has the best record among the remaining tied teams competing in that round. If win-tie points is not enough to determine who wins the round, then the tied team with the best run differential (runs made minus runs allowed) against the remaining tied teams wins the round. If that is not enough, then the team with the best run differential against all teams wins. If that is not enough, then CASL will break the tie using other rules (eg, a coin flip result or some other criteria).

Reglas para Determinar Posicion (simplificado)

La posicion mas alta se le da al equipo con mas puntos.

3 puntos por cada juego ganado

1 punto por cada juego empatado

Entre 0.0000 y 0.1000 de un punto basado en el promedio

Cualquier empate que exista es roto de la manera siguiente.

Reglas de empate:

Hay la misma cantidad de rondas que equipos empatados. En cada ronda un equipo gana y no participa en mas rondas despues. El ganador de la primera ronda coge .005. El ganador de la segunda coge .004. La tercera .003. Cuarta .002. Y ultima ronda (en caso de 5 equipos empatado) .001. [La orden cuando hay mas de 5 equipos empatados lo determina CASL.]

El ganador de la ronda es el equipo con mas puntos en juegos contra los otros empatados y competiendo en esa ronda. Victoria recibe 3 puntos. Cada empate es 1 punto. Si no hay ganador unico en este punto se totaliza las carreras anotada contra los otros equipos compitiendo en la ronda y se resta las carreras permitidas contra los mismos. Si todavida no existe ganador de la ronda, se totaliza carreras contra todos los equipos y se resta carreras permitida. [El ganador se va, coge su puntuacion extra, y se repite el proceso con un equipo menos, hasta que todo los equipos hayan ganado una ronda.]

CASL determinara la posicion si estas reglas no son suficiente para romper el empate.